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Lockhill is in Athens. We have details for 3 games at this venue.

Games in Athens by Lockhill

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Deligiorgi 55, 10437
Rated between 35 and 40 out of 5 Lockhill Manor60-70 mins

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James Bloodworth expert reviewed Lockhill Manor by Lockhill:

I really enjoyed this, some good fun linear puzzles coupled with a creepy vibe, realistically, Sanatorium is the best of the rooms currently at the venue but I think this is still worth your valuable time as it tells a compelling story.  As with the rest of Lockhill the immersion and theming are excellend throughout.

Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
James Bloodworth expert reviewed The Voodoo Shop by Lockhill:

Probably the weakest link in the LockHill story but never the less contains some fun puzzles as well as one dexterity based that will probably drive some people insane, worth doing if you are here for any of the others.

Rated between 25 and 25 out of 5
James Bloodworth expert reviewed The Sanatorium by Lockhill:

Lock Hill claims to be the most thematic escape room in Europe and they are onto something, from the moment you enter the foyer you are transported to the world, there are three rooms at this venue and they are all in the village of "Lock Hill", all the GM's are always in character and it gives a level of immersion rarely seen in Escape Rooms.  The Sanatorium has three difficulty levels and you choose before hand, daylight is normal but with no live actors, night is half the puzzles but live actors and nightmare is all the puzzles with live actors!  We chose daylight as one of our number had an injured foot and didn't fancy it.  This is a hard room with some really complex puzzles to get your head around.  Clues are given over a phone and still given in character.  This was a tough room without worrying about what might be round the corner.  I've been torn about whether I enjoyed this or the manor house more but I think this one just gets over the line.

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5

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