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By | March 20, 2019


Exciting Game have branches in Oxford and Birmingham. They offer 3 games, 2 of which are available at Oxford.

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123 London Road, OX3 9HZ

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Terry experienced reviewed Project: The Diamond by Exciting Game Oxford:

The second room we played at Exciting Game Oxford, on the plus side I did not find myself fearing for our safety as we played the game. The decor was definitely an improvement, although torn wallpaper and a cracked mirror left the place looking mildly dilapidated, some ok puzzles, but nothing worth raving about. I would personally not lose any sleep if this room ceased to exist. 

Rated between 15 and 15 out of 5
Terry experienced reviewed Broken Time by Exciting Game Oxford:

Honestly, I was just happy to get out of the room alive. Before I could even concentrate on the terrible decor of this room I was drawn to the electrical points that seemed to be hanging from the wall, and the wires that were all over the place in an unsightly mess. The room itself seemed to be stuck in a time loop, back in the late 90's, when I imagine the building was initially condemned. There were a few good puzzles, but unfortunately this was not able to save the room for me. 

I honestly wouldn't recommend this room to anyone, experienced or nocice, it's an experience you can live without 

Rated between 10 and 10 out of 5

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