Played: 02/02/2024 Team size: 4 Time taken: 45mins Outcome: Successful escape!
originalimmersivegreat hosting
Wow! What a place! Rob and Ricky have brought a long awaited venue to Grimsby, and done a fantastic job! We went to the official opening of Operation Hercules and this room did NOT disappoint! The venue itself will be amazing once all the work is complete, so much to do and will be amazing for the town. These guys are themselves escape room fanatics and it always makes me know I'm about to do a good room when the gamemasters are as psyched as we were! They were both so friendly and so excited for the game, the story of the game was fantastic. The room itself has soooo much to do, it's very cleverly thought out and had us shouting, cheering, cursing and even dancing! I cannot wait to try all the other rooms they will have to offer! Like I said, these two have definitely got escape room experience under there belts and it clearly shows in what they have managed to achieve with this room alone. Would definitely recommend this place for a night out with friends/family, also will be amazing for work do's, hen/stag parties, birthdays or just a night off from the kids like we had! Rob and Ricky, you've done a brilliant job! Hats off to you both and thank you for bringing a bit of life back into Grimsby! Guys, give this venue a try, you will NOT regret it!