Key Escape Rooms: The Missing Gem

By | June 16, 2022

by Key Escape Rooms (website)

20 Brook Sq, Rugeley WS15 2DR


Languages: EN

60 minutes


In this game, you are presented with a set of tasks and puzzles in which the end goal is to find the Missing Gem, a flawless thousand carat diamond from the hoard, believed to have been stolen by one of the lead archaeologists of the project Dr Lovegrove.

Dr Stephen Lovegrove was the head of a team of archaeologists during the discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard. Before the escivation of the site was completed, Lovegrove abruptly resigned and left the project.

According to historical records, the team should have expected to find the Rugeley Gem, a thousand carat, flawless diamond, which was believed to have been buried with the treasure. The gem was never found but team members always found the circumstances around Dr lovegrove's resignation a little odd and began harbouring suspicions that he may have kept it for himself.

Driven by their suspicions, a private investigator was hired by the team to install a hidden camera in Lovegrove’s office. After not hearing from the PI and and finding out that no one else had seen or heard from him since he was given the task, the team decided to report the goings on to the police.

Although the police conducted an investigation, they found no evidence of foul play and Lovegrove was let off the hook and with only circumstantial evidence that the gem even exists, authorities are unwilling to conduct any further investigations into Lovegrove’s affairs.

Undeterred by this, the team are convinced that the gem is stashed within a secret vault in Lovegrove’s office and are determined to retrieve it and hopefully solve the riddle of the missing PI.

All that is needed is a window of opportunity. A cunning plan is conjured up where Lovegrove will receive a call from a senior member of the archaeology community that another hoard has been discovered and that he must get to the site before it is bought to the attention of the local press and the place is swarmed by enthusiasts.

It will take the greedy and excited Dr approximately 30 minutes to drive to the fictitious site and the same for an angry and unscrupulous mad man to return.

From the time Lovegrove leaves the office you have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle and get the hell out of there. Good luck.

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