Game Over Firenze: Saw

By | January 12, 2022

by Game Over Firenze (website)

Via Silvio Pellico, 3, 50121 Firenze FI


2-8 players

Languages: EN, IT

60 minutes

You wake up in a dark place, you can see nothing… The only thing you can feel is a voice saying: “I want to play a game …” You’re sitting in the case of Jigsaw and you know that everything is against you. Your only chance to survive is to follow his crazy missions and find the right time to escape! The time is running…
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Christoph experienced rated this:

Vorsicht: das ist das gleiche Spiel wie "saw" im Alma Park! 

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The fourth and last adventure played with the hosts of GameOver Florence. The story is well known and the plot is too inflated in the ER world. In the other side, it’s interesting to note the different representations that the various ER providers give; GameOver preferred to focus on the horror-psychological side, with sadistic and splatter traits.

The choice of using the first-generation room seemed to be very appropriate. The game logic is linear and, inside the room, there is a digital column, which you can ask for suggestions on puzzles every 10 minutes, with two different levels of help.

Had to try!

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