Mission: Breakout: Underground 2099

By | December 30, 2021

by Mission: Breakout (website)

141-145 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8PB

Central London

Up to 6 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

3 copies


May 2027, the world was turned into a blazing hell. Nuclear weapons launched by our national leaders set all cities aflame in a matter of minutes.

There were no winners, only losers. Humanity was plunged into total chaos in which morality, solidarity and dignity burned. 

London 2099, 72 years have passed since the Great Fire; among the radioactive debris of this once-great city, rats have survived and transformed, trying to take the lead of this new disfigured world.

Your mission is to thwart the plot of their leader, an unknown creature, half-man, half rat, hidden within the depths of the London Underground.

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Mission: Breakout is very quickly going down in my personal hall of fame of β€œescape rooms you must visit if you’re in London” and Underground 2099 is another fantastically quirky and fun adventure in their catalogue. It’s well worth checking out for the physical location alone. 

We played a week after The Escape Roomer's review, and I’ve genuinely never been so conflicted writing an Escape Room review before.

 Mission: Breakout have created a powerful immersive experience with a realistic theme, setting and genuine heritage. All combining to create a 60 minute adventure which takes you on a journey requiring skill and holding your nerve whilst having fun too. 

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