Escape Skagen: The Command Bunker

Escape Skagen: Kommandobunker

By | August 28, 2021

by Escape Skagen (website)

Trindelvej 19, 9990 Skagen


3-6 players

Languages: EN, DA

60 minutes


The Cold War has begun.

Nuclear submarines sail silently and deadly in the high seas and narrow straits, while diplomats and spies conspire for power in governments of the world. In countless silos, the destructive intercontinental ballistic missiles only lack the final command. All the world holds its breath, fearing nuclear war and eternal winter.

In East and West, soldiers sit and wait in bunkers deep underground. They await the order to press the red button, firing the all-destroying nuclear weapons. But will they make it that far, before the enemy missiles hit?

It is your first day as soldiers in the NATO-bunker in Skagen, when the dreaded phone call comes: The enemy has fired their missiles, and now NATO’s missiles must be fired to intercept them and prevent Denmark and the rest of Europe from becoming a nuclear wasteland!

Can you keep calm and work together, when the entire world depends on it and even the smallest mistake might trigger World War 3?

Decode messages, open the control room and input the launch codes, before the Cold War turns a little too hot!

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