Sauve qui Peut: The Equation

By | April 23, 2021

by Sauve qui Peut (website)

130 Rue Richelieu, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 6X4


2-8 players

60 minutes

You are a new recruit on a team of detectives that takes on the biggest cases for a secret European organization. After several weeks with the group, you are drawn to one case in particular that has been set aside because it has NEVER been solved…

As you dig into the obscure case, you discover that it is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of SCIENCE… Will you be able to shed light on a mystery that has remained unsolved for years? Can you crack the case and expose the injustice?

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Paired with classical music and an office décor that's full of formulas, I felt like I was transported to a famous scientist's secret workspace. If you're impatient, you might feel like the game had too many videos to go through but you do have 2 hours to complete the mission. We finished in 1 hr and 5 minutes with a team of 6 but you can certainly enjoy and play it in a more leisure way. For this game, we felt the same as some of the other digital games we've played in terms of the value of having a GM. The price per person is similar to some of the remote games with avatar. If the GM cannot provide a dedicated support like entertaining the players with an audio escape type of attention then this game could just be played as a pure digital game that we should be able to purchase anytime to play on our own. I can understand this being great for corporate events since they can be moderated in different breakout rooms but as enthusiasts the price felt quite steep. It would be great if both options could be provided so players can choose which better suit their needs.

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