Gamescape: Around The World in 60 Minutes

By | March 15, 2021

by Gamescape (website)

Tadeusza Kościuszki 74/U2, 30-114 Kraków

1-5 players

£51.00 €59.00

🎧actor / audio

A few months ago, the world of science was shocked by an unusual archaeological discovery… Researchers have found a hidden chamber that seems to be opened by an unusual ancient mechanism! Oxford specialists managed to translate the ancient stone tablet located at the entrance… It turns out that the passage can only be opened with special gemstones from different parts of the world!

Adventurers set out to obtain the remarkable minerals scattered all over the world, necessary to open the passage. The matter is not simple, because the clues in the ancient stone tablet were written mysteriously…

To win this race, we have chosen you as our most talented Code-Breakers! Go on a journey through Asia, Europe, Africa and both Americas – break the codes and get everything you need to open the secret passage!

Time is short, as the competitive Teams have already set off and everyone wants to bear the palm. However, we believe in you! Be careful and don’t trust anyone! Good luck!

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