Paper Trail Escapes: Ice Castle Escape

By | March 2, 2021

by Paper Trail Escapes (website)

1-4 players

£12.00 $16.32

20-40 mins
While visiting a majestic frozen landscape your group decides to take a sled tour through the mountains. However, a storm rolls in causing an avalanche that cuts you off from your guide. Your group is left alone to try and find shelter from the storm. As you round a bend, you find a mystical ice castle sparkling in the distance. Upon entering, the door closes and the handle vanishes. A mysterious riddle suddenly appears with an area for a 5 digit code and you determine that the right code will get you out. You gather all the papers you can find in the castle and attempt your escape. It’s only one hour until nightfall and by the size of the bed you can only expect that a beast like the abominable snowman sleeps there, and your group needs to be gone before he wants his bedtime snack. Hurry up and begin your escape before you find out!
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