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Here begins the saga of the events that, though transpired a long time ago, still live on in the memory of the people – The Saga of Konung Valgard. He was daring and brave, wise and loved by his people. He had the experience of many successful conquering campaigns, in which he earned respect and found glory.

For the past few weeks the great Konung felt ill at ease, for each night he was haunted by strange and terrible dreams that seemed intent on plaguing him forever. Grim days turned into weeks and months of this endless torture that was taking its toll on Valgard, who could not find a moment’s peace and felt his spirit weaken with each passing day.

Are you ready to start on a journey alongside this great warrior and travel to the mysterious and full of adventure world of Vikings? If yes, than let us set forth towards an adventure and glory be to Odin!

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