Go Escape: Mission: Implausible

By | October 29, 2020

by Go Escape (website)

27 High Street, KY12 7DL


Can you escape Mission: Implausible our brand new online escape room modelled on our popular spy themed physical game? Find out as you enter our virtual escape room and work your way through interactive padlocks to break free. This is a real escape room with real clues and padlocks, digitised!

You’ll be investigating the intriguing disappearance of a spy – why did she disappear? Where did she go? Can you piece together the evidence to find her and escape?

For this online escape room, one person in your group will screenshare via a video conferencing tool (e.g. Zoom/Google Hangout/Microsoft Teams etc.) while everyone watches and helps solve the riddles and clues to crack the codes. Alternatively, if you’re all in the same household, gather around the screen to work together to break free. This game is best played on a laptop/computer but you can play on an iPad also.

We recommend teams of up to six for this escape room but you’re in charge!

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