Wild Hare Escapes: The Comedy of Terrors

By | October 18, 2020

by Wild Hare Escapes (website)

1-10 players

Team of 2: £36.00 $50.00
Team of 4: £72.00 $100.00
Team of 6: £107.00 $150.00

🎧actor / audio
75 mins
While getting ready to rehearse for your play, one of your castmates uttered the one word you are not supposed to say inside a theatre. You have angered a spirit - the resident ghost of the Lincoln Theatre.
He has locked the doors and windows, and has vowed to bring the building down on your heads... unless you can solve a series of puzzles and escape in 75 minutes.
So it may not be curtains for you after all.
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An angered spirit has locked us inside a theatre and we have 75 minutes to escape our impending doom.

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