Smoke And Mirrors: The Collector

By | October 6, 2020

by Smoke And Mirrors

1-6 players


Its 1936…
The Collector has been acquiring some of the world’s greatest artifacts for his collection.
No one knows his name or has ever seen him. All they know is the reward they will receive when they deliver what he wants. Sell it or not, he will take what he wants and instruct the thieves to hide it away in elaborate ways, for him to collect, when no one is around.
After the museum discovers a new fossil, The Magnasauras, thought to be a myth by Scholars, The collector has set the reward and a couple of opportunistic thieves are looking to cash in.
They have done the job, stolen the fossil & hidden it behind the maze of puzzles as instructed, deep in an old gem mine.
As the museum’s best minds and adventurers, they need you to go on a race to retrieve the Fossil before it becomes part of his collection.
A Challenging selection of puzzles and obstacles awaits, as you journey deep into the old gem mine.
Hurry…. The Collector is coming!
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