Curious Correspondence: Chapter I: The Custodian’s Keys

By | October 6, 2020

by Curious Correspondence (website)


60-90 mins
subscription game
Welcome to the M.B. Franklin Museum of Natural History, a place of knowledge, learning, and curiosity.
When a serendipitous discovery grants you an audience with the Museum’s Custodian, a peculiar occurence launches the hunt for a secret hidden within this storied institution.
Will you be able to unlock the secrets?
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Our first Chapter from The Curious Correspondence Club came in an intricately designed envelope. As we "unlocked" the flaps, our adventure began. The story was printed right on the back of the envelope. It seemed like we've just walked into the M.B. Franklin Museum of Natural History. Inside, we had a peculiar meeting with the custodian (or so we thought...). There's definitely more to this place than meets the eye... 

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