Control The Escape: Astronomical Oxygen Disaster

By | July 14, 2020

by Control The Escape (website)


After orbiting space for three months, you and your team of astronauts have found yourselves in a tricky situation – oxygen supplies are rapidly depleting!
Somewhat fortunately, you are aware of a back up supply held elsewhere on the spaceship. Find the oxygen tanks and make sure it’s quick!
Navigate through the corridors of the space ship using the master control panel to guide you.This online escape room is Control The Escape’s easiest challenge so far, but still not to be taken light - hearted.
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With a very simple interface and introduction, Astronomical Oxygen Disaster wastes no time before putting you in the driving seat of a space station orbiting Earth. In a massively overlooked mistake, your vessel is about to run out of oxygen and it’s up to you to find the backup tanks and activate them. Whilst not technically on a timer, you must still complete the task as quickly as you can. Your crew’s lives’ are at stake here!

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