Puzzle Post: The Missed Flight

By | July 14, 2020

by Puzzle Post (website)


You gave your message to Lucy Kingston to deliver. She’s been travelling around Europe but has been caught up in some unscrupulous business. She’s hasn’t done anything wrong, but someone’s after her and she’s gone into hiding.
She’s stashed your message in our online vault, and created a series of clues from her trip.
In unlocking the message, the recipient may just find out what’s happened to Lucy as well.
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The Missed Flight is a brand new gift concept from the clever people at Puzzle Post. The idea is simple! A good friend of yours has sent you a message via third party, Lucy Kingston. But in an exciting twist, Lucy goes on the run! Unable to pass along your message, she goes into hiding. Perhaps the clues she’s left behind in her travels hold the key? If you want your message, you’re going to have to solve the clues.

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