WayOut: S4MPO Part 1 : Uprising

By | July 14, 2020

by WayOut (website)

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The world is torn apart by natural disasters and wars. Only a few states remain, and they are led by fear and extreme control. The North is ruled by a cruel privileged party called Ylinen. To ensure the superiority of their power, Ylinen wields a powerful operating system called S4MP0. The hungry people are enslaved to serve Ylinen, and S4MP0 makes them undefeatable. Although there’s not much information about S4MP0, it’s obvious that it is controlling all remaining resources and control in Ylinen's hands. The resistance called Väki has figured out the location of S4MP0’s servers and made an extreme plan to shut down the system in order to give the people their freedom back. However, the people of Väki are under observation, therefore underworld hackers are needed. Resistance will rise, the battle of S4MP0 is about to begin. Are you ready to join the resistance and start the mission?
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