Trapdoor Escape Stream: Z Cure

By | May 8, 2020

by Trapdoor Escape Stream (website)

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A year after the original epidemic, the Zombie Virus known as Malatitus has been contained, with millions suppressing the virus with daily doses of the Quiet-Z drug developed by Quieten Pharmaceuticals. But a new attack from the One World Alliance terrorist group on major cities threatens to tip the delicate balance towards chaos. It’s up to your teams to restore civilization before it is too late.
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Cure Z is a different kind of beast to other avatar rooms. TrapDoor were one of the very first companies to produce a remote play experience, and they’ve forged their own path - sort of a separate branch on the evolutionary tree of escape room formats. I’ll state up front that their game format doesn’t do much for me.
Rather than a videocall over Zoom / Hangouts / Discord / whatever, TrapDoor use a YouTube livestream. This is a broadcast system - as players you can see and hear the host in real...

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