Real Escape Game Online: Escape From The Werewolf Village Remote Version

By | May 6, 2020

by Real Escape Game Online (website)

1-6 players

£89.00 ¥13,500

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You lost your way and wandered into a village
where werewolves attack people night by night.
As the villagers disappear one by one,
you can feel the fangs of the werewolves
getting closer and closer to you.
Can you reveal all the mysteries in time,
and escape the Werewolf Village?
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Travel: For me being confined means traveling... no I haven't totally lost it, even though during my career as a serial escaper I've been in a straitjacket quite often. Travelling because some escapes propose to be able to play their room remotely, by camera and often with a Game Master in the room that serves as your eyes, ears and hands. This is called an avatar. This morning my team, composed of 2 French, a German, a Scottish and myself, connects 20 minutes before the start...

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