Memphis Escape Rooms: Lost Pyramid

By | April 28, 2020

by Memphis Escape Rooms (website)

1010 June Road Suite 100, TN 38119

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According to legend, the first Pharaoh of Egypt inherited his throne from the gods and was given the power to rule the ancient world. He used his strength to perform many astonishing feats, including moving the mighty Nile river to establish Memphis as his capital city.
Pharaoh’s kingdom became so glorious, that the gods grew jealous of his fame and plotted to erase his name from the earth. At the time of the Pharaoh’s death, a great pyramid was built as a tomb for his body and as a testament to his splendor. But in a fit of jealousy, the gods hurled down a large stone and the pyramid was buried deep in the desert sand.
After four thousand years, the Lost Pyramid has become unearthed. All the mysteries of ancient Egypt are now within our grasp, but require the bravest among us to enter the cursed tomb and make peace with the gods. Can you unravel Pharaoh's ancient feud, or will you share his fate trapped inside the Lost Pyramid?
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The room was well themed to the Egyptian setting with every puzzle being relevant to the setting it was in. From pharaohs, the eye of ra and sphinxes covering the room, not an inch was left unturned. 

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