Noche de Misterio: Outer Space

By | April 8, 2020

by Noche de Misterio (website)

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An empty space station, with Only one soul to go through it. No signs of violence. No signs of life neither.
When Dr. Willet selected his team for the mission on the space station, he did not notice the quirks of experienced technician Charles Ward. During the first months the investigations were carried out normally, however, after an unusual geomagnetic storm, the behavior of several of the team members - and especially Ward - began to be somewhat erratic. The murmurs at the station were constant, and it became commonplace among the exalted crew members, to refer to Ward as "a delusional" who seemed to tour the station at night reciting verses and invocations who knows to whom -or what-, which were completely unknown to the rest. You will find yourself in the shoes of the engineer Olmstead, who a day like any other woke up in the morning to start his activities but was met with a paralyzing surprise: the station is completely uninhabited. Without traces of violence, and with the emergency aircraft in the hangar, nothing can be speculated about what happened. The only thing which there is no doubt about is that you have to get out of there as soon as possible. The only problem is that the hangar door is locked and without energy supply. Could it have been affected by the storm? Or was it intentionally disabled? Whatever the case is, your mission is clear: to open the hangar door and get out of there in the rescue ship as soon as possible.
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