Exciting Escapes Basingstoke: The Disappearing Duchess – Chapter 1

By | March 31, 2020

by Exciting Escapes Basingstoke (website)

2nd Floor, 21-23 Wote Street, RG21 7NE


4-7 players

60 minutes

A ship has docked in London with a VIP passenger on board. A distant cousin of the Czar of Russia, this nonetheless important member of the Romanov family has disappeared. A member of the crew was outside the rooms and says they never left.
The captain has locked the rooms and awaits the police. Fearing a diplomatic incident, the government has requested the team go in a learn the truth before the Police – and the press – arrive
This game is the first installment of a thrilling new story from Exciting Escapes. Playable as a standalone game, it can also be played as the first chapter in the story where the outcome here will affect how you do in the next Chapter launching in November 2020!
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