Team Escape Hamburg: The Blood Diamonds of Rabuun

Team Escape Hamburg: Die Blutdiamanten von Rabuun

By | January 30, 2020

by Team Escape Hamburg (website)

Ferdinandstraße 3 · 20095


2-6 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

There is civil war in the African country Rabuun. The ruthless dictator Baccary oppresses the people and finances himself by selling blood diamonds from the mines of Rabuun. Rumors persist that the renowned bank 'Parker [&] Sons' in Hamburg is involved in trading these diamonds to Europe. On top of everything it is said that the bank director Jonas Parker recently smuggled the biggest of all diamonds called 'Big Joe' to Hamburg and keeps it hidden in his office.
Your team will dive into the roles of freedom fighters who want to bring Big Joe back to Rabuun. Your plan is to gain access to Parkers office, deactivate Parkers security system and find the Big Joe. However, beware: The bank director understands how to protect his secrets. He has installed a cleverly devised alarm system and only if you are able to deactivate the alarm, you can escape undiscovered with the diamond.
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A round up of the six games we played across Team Escape’s two sites in Hamburg. The old site is a little bit run down but has reasonable games. The new site looks a lot prettier and generally had slightly better games but a couple were affected by questionable puzzles or GMing decisions.

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