The Great Escape: The Experiment

By | January 18, 2020

by The Great Escape (website)

Westerlaan 51, 8011CA


4-7 players

60 minutes

Take part in the ultimate challenge in one of the best escape rooms in the Netherlands. One of your friends has volunteered for this experiment and has asked you to come with him/her. In the waiting room it seems that there was no reason to be worried at all, but still, your gut feeling tells you something different…
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When a game comes highly recommended I tend to add it into the schedule without further question, without worrying about little details such as the theme or story. This can backfire, which is how I found myself explaining to a team who weren’t keen on horror games - and specifically not horror games involving live actors - that we were about to do a performance-driven game where the poster showed a doctor with blood dripping off his hands. Fortunately all players seemed to have a good time regar...
This room was chosen by three team members (Kayto, Sergio and Maria) on place 1, and for Victor and me the experiment landed on place 2. But really only very thin behind our favourite. A very entertaining Escapegame. Awesome acting! It’s a mix of a lot of fun and a bit of fear.

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