DarkPark Zoetermeer: The End

By | January 18, 2020

by DarkPark Zoetermeer (website)

Dorpsstraat 33A, 2712 AB


3-6 players

60 minutes

Winner of a 2019 TERPECA award
"Uw bestelling ligt klaar", zegt een krakerige stem door de telefoon vlak voordat er wordt opgehangen. Niet veel later sta je met knikkende knieen voor de deur van een oude grafkistenwinkel. De deur piept als je hem opent en een enorme grafkist staart je aan vanuit het midden van de winkel. Waar ben je aan begonnen en waar leidt dit avontuur je naartoe?
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I do wonder about the state of mind of the person who designed a game as wickedly twisted as The End. But whatever is wrong with their head, it's wrong in a very, very good way, because The End is a work of genius that I absolutely loved.
I'm not entirely sure how to review it without spoilers. I can't really talk about the plot, the ending, the beginning, or most of the bits along the way. I might have to settle for just cryptically gushing about the various brilliant moments that had me grinn...
Two fantastic games that should definitely be on your to-do list, especially if you like scary attractions. Decoration is top-notch across the games. The End wins the story battle while Honeymoon Hotel comprehensively wins for quality and quantity of puzzles.
The DarkPark sign at 1 hour from Amsterdam to two premises with a total of 5 escapes. We chose to play the rooms of Zoetermeer (being less tempted by Freak Show and especially the dentist (a theme that already scares us enough in real life not to want to escape there).DarkPark is specialized on themes that give you chills and not really very romantic.The End is the 2nd adventure we will play here. We are always accompanied by the same MJ who after a room is smiling and pleasant, but before...

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