Escape Room Katwijk: Bella Ciao

By | January 18, 2020

by Escape Room Katwijk (website)

Sandtlaan 52a, 2223GG


2-6 players

60 minutes

Laat jezelf opsluiten in de Koninklijke Munt van Spanje en probeer het crimineel meesterbrein te overtreffen. De spanning is om te snijden!! Een perfecte planning, geldtransport, gijzelnemers, wapens, overalls, maskers, miljoenen euro’s en maar 60 minuten de tijd om te ontsnappen.
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I haven’t seen a single episode of La Casa De Papel, the heist drama which is apparently Netflix’s most successful series in a language other than English, and which Bella Ciao is based on. As a result, there were plenty of references in this game that meant little to me; but that didn’t get in the way of a top-notch game, and in fact it left me quite curious to try the TV series.
Bella Ciao is not a scary game, though is set up in a couple of places to be deliberately ominous. What it definite...
Bella Ciao rised up in the most important ER platform in BENELUX ( into the Top 10 in a very short time. One reason for this is certainly that the series “Haus des Geldes” (La casa de papel) which this is about, is very popular.
This time too, we're late for that sign, but that was the plan. The managers, a lovely couple, kindly agreed to work overtime to give us the opportunity to play their hall.So we arrive in front of the big sign of Escape Game Katwijk in a kind of industrial area (well it was dark, I may be wrong), in a building with offices, anyway there are parking spaces and that's cool.We go up the stairs and a young woman welcomes us with a smile. In front of the entrance of the building, a model gives us a...

Escape Room Katwijk have created Bella Ciao, an adventure that makes you feel like your favorite characters from the series. We especially liked the attention to detail in the settings as well as the numerous gimmicks that allowed us players to immerse ourselves in the series. 

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