Escape From Wonderland: Escape from Wonderland

By | January 18, 2020

by Escape From Wonderland (website)

Breestraat 45, 2311 CH


2-6 players

60 minutes

Once upon a time… a young woman walked into a strange hole in the wall and disappeared without a trace. Shocked eyewitnesses immediately alarmed the authorities, who started a big rescue operation. Using shovels and digging machines, a rescue team started looking for the young woman. Sadly, she was nowhere to be found. The only thing the team uncovered was a mysterious network of corridors hidden behind the wall.
It didn’t take long for people to find out that there seemed to be strange forces at work in this secret labyrinth. It was even whispered that the corridors led to a passage to a strange and magical realm. Since then, multiple expeditions, rescue teams and adventurers have tried to penetrate this wonderous land. Sadly, none of them ever returned, including the young woman.
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Several companies in the Netherlands impressed me with the quality of their hospitality, and Escape From Wonderland more than any - welcoming us in with drinks and refreshments, friendly in a way that made us feel like guests not just another team passing through - even though, after utterly underestimating the challenge of finding a parking space in Leiden, we straggled in red-faced half an hour late for our booking slot.
The company’s single eponymous game is of course based on Alice in Wonde...
Il était une fois ... dans la jolie petite ville de Leiden, sur la rue principale, un endroit qui n’était pas comme les autres. Derrière la devanture d’une vitrine magnifiquement décorée se trouvait en endroit tout droit venu des contes de fées. Dans ce qui ressemble à un salon de thé avec plein de petites tasses, de friandises et de magnifiques photos d’artistes sur les murs, se tient une femme qui ressemble plus ...
The provider Escape From Wonderland in Leiden operates only one room of the same name. We were welcomed very nicely by the owner and had the opportunity to talk to each other for a longer time with tea, sweets and pastries. This Alice room is not off the peg but was developed with great attention to detail and is run with passion.

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