Stirling Old Town Jail: Jail Break

By | December 31, 2019

by Stirling Old Town Jail (website)

Stirling Old Town Jail, St John Street, FK8 1EA


2-8 players

60 minutes

Player review

cipherdelic says:

This room was due to open in April, but finally opened in July and then closed and is back open (for now...). The game has changed slightly from the one above but its still an excellent experience.
Set in the prison itself you've been employed to secretly enter the wardens office to investigate the strange change to the wardens behavior.For those of you who enjoyed the Escape the Past room that was at Pollock House then this ones for you as the props are built by the same team, Boundless Workshop and they well produced and fit both the theme and room wonderfully. There is a detailed narrative running through the game which nicely develops to complete the story, this really enhances the game beyond just a series of puzzles, and there is some nice narrative twists in there too. Add to that a game host in full periodic costume and in character and you got a gem of an escape room. We were looked after by Emma, who played the matron of the prison, but we were told there is also Drummond, a prison guard who could host you too. The final bonus is that you can also tour the Jail, and theres also parking at the venue, which is rare for that part of Stirling.
Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
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