The Cult Experience: The Cult Experience

By | December 15, 2019

by The Cult Experience

escape book
Your investigation into the disappearance of two young women leads you towards a mysterious cult-like organisation known as “The Enlightened”.
Delve deeper into their sinister workings as you follow clues, solve puzzles and interact with various characters along the way.
With only 2.5 hours to complete your investigation, race against time and stay alive long enough to solve the mystery!
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Many play at home escape games use an online component, usually for hints and/or answer verifications. The Cult Experience goes much further, and the larger part of the game consists of video snippets, each usually a few minutes long. You purchase the game in the form of a book, but the first puzzle leads you to the associated website, and thereafter each stage requires clues from both the book and the online video. (In my copy that initial puzzle actually contains an error, which may or may not...
If you’re a fan of horror experiences and have 2.5 hours to spare then it could be worth giving this a try. It’s very different to the Exit Games and we found that if we didn’t mark the book then the experience is reusable

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