The Escapologist Leeds: Sherlocked In

By | November 30, 2019

by The Escapologist Leeds (website)

White Rose Shopping Centre, LS11 8LU


2-6 players

60 minutes

Player review

Anonymous says:

Copied from my tripadvisor review- 

Me and my partner did all 3 of their rooms recently. The first one, ("Harry Potter", though JK Rowling and Warner Brothers would have a fit if they knew their name was used for this mess) had multiple broken puzzles. Even the ones that 'worked' were uninteresting- 2 different codes in the room involved just counting things! Not really a puzzle. Several illogical moments that afterwards, the staff member said "You just have to understand what the designer was thinking". Also, a maths puzzle that was unsolveable due to bad maths (bodmas).

We did the Gunpowder plot one next not expecting much. And we got not much! The final puzzle made no sense at all, and the staff told us they'd had to personally add clues to give customers any chance of solving. More broken props too, and some ridiculous red herrings.

Then we did the Sherlock room without much hope of it being any good. And we were right! Again, illogical puzzles, broken props, and a final puzzle that again made very little sense.

For all 3 games no timer was shown, there was no microphone in the room so staff didn't know where we were up to, and the people running the games (meant to be monitoring cameras) were also serving at the bar at the same time so we were left ignored for a long time on multiple occasions.

Afterwards, we spoke to the 2 staff members there and found out the rooms hadn't been playtested, and when feedback was given to the owners by staff it was ignored. The whole thing seems like a cynical attempt to make money from the escape room 'fad' without any intention of making it an actually good experience. Me and my partner have playtested rooms for other companies for free that were more polished and much more fun.

We requested a refund and was told a manager would be in touch but we haven't heard anything. I would like to stress that our dissatisfaction was in no way the fault of the staff on duty, who tried their best to fix all the issues with the badly designed rooms.

Rated between 10 and 10 out of 5

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