Komnata Quest Central London: Hakaina Is Coming

By | July 29, 2019

by Komnata Quest Central London (website)

181 Drury Ln, WC2B 5QF

Central London

For 2 players

15 mins
This is a 15-minute gameplay prequel to our best selling adventure 'Maze of Hakaina' starting at London at the end of summer 2019.
You'll get this game for free when you book 'Sherlocked'.
For centuries it has remained hidden; a distant dream, or more appropriately, a nightmare. Lost to time it remained patient, awaiting its next victim. The Maze of Hakaina’s time has now come. An unfortunate boy entered the Maze and awakened the terrible power inside. In the footsteps of ancient samurai warriors, you must cautiously move through the horrible corridors of the Maze to save the boy, or at least, what remains of him. You must hurry. Hakaina, the evil mistress of the Maze, awakens her demons at sunset, and in the dark, they hunt. Only one hour until the sun disappears, and you with it…
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