Unlock!: The Tonipal’s Treasure

By | March 20, 2019

by Unlock! (website)

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The Unlock games have so far been released in sets of three, and both times the third game in the set has had the highest difficulty rating and has also seemed to be the one with all the designers' favourite ideas. This one, The Tonipal’s Treasure, is a pirate-themed scenario that shows off the best of the Unlock format while introducing new ideas of its own.
The Mystery Adventures set of three games came with an app upgrade that added a ‘machine’ button to handle a new card type. Each of these...
Well… this is awkward. We made 2 different attempts to play Unlock!’s The Tonipal’s Treasure. In both cases we broke the game’s sequencing… and it was messy.

So stepping into the world of Tonipal in search of treasure was an absolute joy. There’s such a fun narrative in this game. First, you’re locked up in a prison cell. Step one is to break out (but don’t worry, you later come back for your cellmates!), then what follows is an exciting trip from location to location. You meet good guys, bad guys, and voodoo priestesses. You’ll have opportunities to make a choice (whether you want to fight or flight, for example) which gives the game an impression of a ‘choose your own adventure’.

It’s an epic sea-faring treasure hunt ridded with puzzles and vibrantly painted settings.
This box-set escape room board game comes with not one but three separate scenarios for you to play. There’s nothing too wacky as far as story goes: take your pick from a haunted house, a pirate island, or a sunken wreck on the ocean floor…

Along with the other two games in the mystery adventures box by Unlock! this game make for a fun evening, I would recommend finding out your pirate hat and making yourself a rum cocktail to play along. 

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