Occultus Room Escape: Lands of Vera Cruz

By | March 20, 2019

by Occultus Room Escape (website)


2-7 players

60 minutes

After the discover of the land of Vera Cruz (known as Brazil), you and your fellow sailors get kidnapped by the Spanish Army, they've saw your stop in the Madeira island as an opportunity to capture and lock down your entire crew, and proclaim as Spanish this big triumph.
It's now in your hands, you must escape and make this a Portuguese conquer.
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Vera Cruz was the name originally given to the trans-Atlantic territories claimed by early Portuguese explorers that later became Brazil. This game’s premise is that you are the discoverers of that land, captured by a Spanish fleet at Madeira in your route home, trying to escape before your discovery is claimed by the Spaniards.
At time of writing I’ve played six games in Portugal, and of them Vera Cruz had the most ambitious and elaborate decor. It’s certainly not flawless, having some items m...

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