Ivan Tapia: The Escape Book

By | March 20, 2019

by Ivan Tapia

πŸ““escape book
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Whereas boxed escape rooms are now thoroughly established with about three dozen products available, book-based escape games are still very novel. Newly translated from its original Spanish, The Escape Book claims to be the first of its kind, which might even have been true when it was originally published; so far there are certainly no more than a tiny handful of similar products though.
It's a blend of novel and puzzle book, and includes a substantial amount of text telling the story of an in...
A great choice if you fancy a little alone time but still getting your escape room puzzle fix. A reasonable narrative and generally good puzzles make this a fun evening in.
With the growing success of β€œescape room in a box” products, it seems inevitable that this β€œplay at home” genre is going to expand. The Escape Book provides an interesting take on that.
There is plenty to keep an enthusiast busy for a couple of hours if you aren't bothered about getting bogged down in the story. One worthy of being in lockdown or musing over on a beach somewhere.

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