Exit: The Forgotten Island

By | March 20, 2019

by Exit (website)

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The sea is calm. The sun is shining. You’re on the perfect sailing excursion. But then you spot something on the horizon. Dark clouds are rolling in unusually fast. Soon the sun has disappeared and darkness has surrounded you. Everything is absolutely still ... until suddenly, out of nowhere, a mighty gust of wind capsizes your boat. You are knocked unconscious.
When you wake up, you are on a black sand beach. There’s no sign of your boat, not even wreckage. You look around and find an old book and a mysterious golden compass disk.
A boat is chained to a palm tree. Everything on this island seems to be secured with locks ... and you soon come to realize: You must figure out all the combinations to open the locks in to order to escape. If not, you will never leave this island! Can you solve the riddles left for you and escape the island? This game can be played only one time because you must markup, fold, and tear the game materials to solve the riddles and escape.
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It was Forgotten Island that finally made me surrender and start playing the Exit games in a way that marked the components - though so far still only in ways that I could reverse to restore everything to its original condition. But for most players I recommend biting the bullet and accepting that these games are single use only. Destruction is deeply baked into the design here.
As with their other games, the challenge here is often working out which clues to focus on. The game starts with all ...
The Forgotten Island was a standard Exit: The Game installment. If you’ve played any of the originals, you’ll be familiar with the structure, vibe, and tricks. This particular installment had a number of especially clever puzzles mixed throughout it and a few that felt like they could benefit from additional clue structure and maybe a bit of editing.
You are shipwrecked on the beach of a forgotten island, and your only hope of accessing a boat is to solve a series of puzzles scattered all over the island.

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