Deckscape: Test Time

By | March 20, 2019

by Deckscape

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In the increasingly crowded world of play at home escape games, Deckscape is the latest entrant. Test Time is designed to be the first in a series with the second game due out later this year.
There seems to be a progression towards ever simpler components and mechanics. The first boxed games to hit the market used nested packets containing a variety of bits and bobs, plus a code-wheel. Subsequent releases shifted to a greater reliance on cards, until the Unlock! series boiled the format down t...
The two Deckscape games were fun, portable, and repackable. Plus, it’s tough to argue with the price. The two games were also too similar and shouldn’t be played in close proximity to one another. If you’re only going to play one, make it Test Time, if only because it has a more interesting and engaging final puzzle.
A convenient at-home escape room game where you are challenged to fend for yourself, pass Doc Thyme’s exam, and find a way out of his locked laboratory in less then 60 minutes.
Mit Deckscape – Der Test hält eine neue Escape Game Zuhause-Version Einzug in die heimischen Wohnzimmer. Mittlerweile kann man sich als Escape Room Fan kann man sich über mangelnde Alternativen in diesem Segment nicht mehr beschweren. Wie sich Deckscape im Vergleich zur Konkurrenz schlägt, erfahrt ihr hier!
As the City adventurers are unable to actually visit escape rooms, I am going to add my reviews of Escape Games in a box that can be played at home. Next up is:- Deckscape – Test Time Over lunch we decided to try out a new escape room in a box. Deckscape – Test Time is

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