Escape Quest: Curious Encounters (2017)

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape Quest (website)

Unit 5 & 6 Brook Street Mill, Brook Street, SK11 7AW


3-7 players

60 minutes

currently unavailable
Mr Copplestone aka “The Professor” is an inventor. His greatest invention is the world’s first time machine, built so he could travel through space and time to find interesting objects and life saving potions to sell in his curiosity shoppe.
Trials of the time machine have been taking place for many years and thanks to the brave testers, some who were unfortunately lost along the way, Mr Copplestone has a fully working and reliable time machine. Until…
Today something went wrong!
Mr Copplestone stepped into the time machine and set it to his required destination, all seemed to be working as usual. He pulled the switch to activate it and with a loud bang and a puff of smoke he was gone. The time machine’s vital equipment exploded and scattered into pieces around the shoppe.
As a failsafe measure Mr Copplestone had set an emergency portal to open in the future, which would allow rescuers to enter through it and into his Shoppe. The portal should have opened inside the institute of quantum mechanics Moscow. Clearly this also went wrong, as the portal has opened here in Escape Quest!
Enter through the portal and into 1873, find out where the professor went, fix and then programme the time machine correctly and bring him back. The time entry vortex looks weak and I’d say you only have about an hour before it closes. If that happens Mr Copplestone will be lost in space and time. This would mean that time machines will never be invented and cause the portal and everything inside it to be instantly vaporised.
Can you save him?
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Curious Encounters has been running at Escape Quest for several years now, but with a significant revamp in 2017. I never played the original version, so can't comment on whether the changes amount to an entirely new game; if in doubt check with the venue. Since Escape Quest was a highlight of our last visit to the area, we were keen to try the games we hadn't played; and the owners were kind enough to allow us to attempt it as a team of two, even though their games have a strict minimum of thre...
A well-executed experience with plenty of puzzles and a fun backdrop.
Curious Encounters is the oldest space at Escape Quest, but has recently had the entire game redesigned and re-implemented. If you played this game before 2017, you’ll have played in the same physical space, but it will have been an entirely different game. I can’t speak for the old version, but the game as it stands now is certainly worth your time.
A puzzle packed and well themed room that keeps you challenged from beginning to end.

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