East Anglian Railway Museum: The Codebreaker Experience

By | March 20, 2019

by East Anglian Railway Museum (website)

Station Rd, Wakes, Colne CO6 2DS


4-8 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

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It is 1954 and the East Anglian Intelligence Agency has been monitoring a Soviet-backed spy cell, responsible for intercepting sensitive radio communications between Allied military units in the Essex area. The spy cell has been using the extensive rail network around the Essex area to avoid detection, but intelligence services have traced them and captured several members of the cell.
Before capture, one spy hid a top-secret file on board a train or possibly somewhere in the waiting room at Chappel Station. Known as the Chappel Dossier, it contains sensitive decryption codes and must be handed back to military intelligence as a matter of urgency – lives depend on it.
Other members of the rogue spy cell are still at large, and are believed to be on their way to retrieve the dossier. They are only an hour away. Your mission is to search for evidence, uncover vital clues, solve puzzles and save the nation.
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