Mission Escape: Maioc Crisis

By | March 20, 2019

by Mission Escape Exeter (website)

1 West Street, Off Fore Street, EX1 1BB


4-8 players

60 minutes

The year is 2067 and the world is dying. Back in the 1960s Professor Hillard Kaplan developed a serum for people to never age using the Maioc plant. The serum has run out! People are dying young. You need to go back in time and get the only serum in existence in order to save the world.
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The newest game at Mission Escape's Exeter branch, Maioc Crisis is also advertised as their most high tech. Where the backstory in their other rooms is just a figleaf, this game makes more of an effort to build it into the game.
The plot involves a cure for old age that went wrong, a global pandemic of reduced lifespans, and a serum that the team must travel back in time to retrieve. It doesn't exactly stand up to inspection, but it's more imaginative than the standard 'you're trapped and must ...

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