Trapp’d Corby: Area 51

By | March 20, 2019

by Trapp'd Corby (website)

6 Priors Haw Road, NN17 5PH


2-6 players

60 minutes

currently unavailable
Aliens. Whether you believe they are real or not, the government knows the answer. And so does Agent Peters. As an independent ufologist, you’ve spent your whole life trying to accomplish and collect the information that Agent Peters has managed to uncover. Extensive research and acclaimed papers are the pinnacle of his career, but this breakthrough changes everything. He alleged to have found the evidence needed to prove whether extraterrestrial life is among us or not. The plan to release this intelligence to the world was scheduled to happen 2 months ago. Agent Peters has not been seen or heard from in just over 3 months.
It’s no surprise that the government did not want this information leaked and threatened they would do everything possible to prevent it from happening. Agent Peters needed to disappear before the authority found him and confiscated everything. As the whole world waited vigilantly for answers, Agent Peters fell silent without a trace or a clue as to what happened or where he went. Through a mysterious means of communication, he has entrusted you with the task of breaking into the government facility and retrieving the documents.
Sounds easy enough… but the security is so impenetrable that only one man knew how to bypass the system and access the files… Agent Peters. Unfortunately, the government has recently encrypted all forms of communication in a desperate bid to catch the rogue ufologist. He managed to get you into the base, but you’re on your own from here. One of your team thinks someone might have seen them so you don’t have much time! Figure out how to get into the system and recover the files to expose the truth to the world!
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