LockHouse Escape Games: Egyptian Tomb

By | March 20, 2019

by LockHouse Escape Games (website)

70 Regent Street, CB2 1DP


2-6 players

60 minutes

We’ve hired archaeologists, explorers, even a priest, to venture deep into the tomb and discover its secrets. Some left the premises visibly shaken, terrified of what they experienced.
The last adventurer to enter never returned at all.
We need a team of brave explorers, with nerves of steel and a strong ability to think on their feet, who can uncover the mysteries and discover what exactly is the purpose of this tomb. Are you confident you have what it takes? We certainly hope so.
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The first room from our Cambridge double bill.
Given the ‘crawling section’ warning, it’s no giveaway that there is more than one room here. We had a slow start in the first bit – the theming is excellent and there is lots to look at without there actually being many pointers where to start
I'm writing this review more than two years after playing the TRAP rooms, so my memory is unreliable and they may have changed anyhow - the Bomb Room for one appears to no longer exist. Also, we played all four rooms in a crazy consecutive burst of enthusiasm, which makes it harder to remember which was which.
However, it's safe to say that the TRAP rooms were good mass-market escape rooms with more of a emphasis on physical puzzles, almost with a Crystal Maze feel. Everything's robustly design...
A fantastic room with good theming, some tough puzzles, fun mechanisms and a decent finale. Expect to have to exert yourself though!
A well themed and difficult room that suffers from a lack of clues and confirmation that you’re doing things correctly.

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