Emergency Exit Escape Rooms: The Mine

By | March 20, 2019

by Emergency Exit Escape Rooms (website)

12A George Street, OL6 6AQ


2-4 players

60 minutes

virtual reality
Using the Very Latest in Virtual Reality Technology "The Mine" escape game, set in a Private Studio room for up to 4 players. This Fully immersive Virtual escape game does not require any previous gaming experience and is simple to enjoy for first timers.
***Not suitable for players with Photosensitive epilepsy***
In 1964 the black rock mine in Yokon was closed due to a landslide, people and gold were lost forever inside it. The legend says that the miners trapped inside protect the gold ever since as β€œliving-dead”. Many have tried to retrieve the gold, but none have succeeded. After many attempts you manage to find an old corridor that descends into the depths of the mine, but a landslide has trapped you inside. Your only hope is to get the old elevator working, find a way to get out quickly because oxygen is running low!
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