Other World Escapes Southampton: Mayan

By | March 20, 2019

by Other World Escapes Southampton (website)

22 East St, SO14 3HG


2-7 players

60 minutes

Uncover the mystery and secrets of an ancient Mayan temple, praise the Gods and find the elixir of life before the Syndicate find you. A full sensory adventure complete with surround sound audio, immersive visuals, multi-layer collaboration, chocolate aroma and full story for a level of immersion never felt before. Who are you determined to sacrifice?
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Playing lots of escape rooms trains a curious set of skills - for example, I now find that I can read Mayan numerals without the need for a look-up chart. (They are admittedly very straightforward.) The latest Mayan themed game we played was at Other World Escapes, recently opened in Southampton.
Travelling through a portal to the Mayan empire, your team is instructed to find a magical elixir before it is seized by the shadowy and manipulative Syndicate, who appear to be set up to be the bad gu...
A fun game that caters well to the first-time player. The puzzles are accessible, with little to get you frustrated although enthusiasts may find them lacking originality. Their focus on immersion generally paid off reasonably well.

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