Elusion Rooms: The Pandora Heist

By | March 20, 2019

by Elusion Rooms (website)

68 Commercial Road, SO15 1GD


2-8 players

60 minutes

A mysterious employer has hired your crack team of thieves to break into the home of an antiquities professor and steal a legendary artifact.
Break into the house, crack the vault and steal items in the house worth the most value
before the police arrive.
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A small handful of escape games give you a goal other than completing the game as quickly as possible, and Pandora Heist is one of them. This is a heist game where instead of a bank vault you're sneaking into the collection chambers of another art thief, with the aim of recovering a priceless artefact from Greek mythology. However, the room has a wide variety of other art pieces too, and you're expected to pick an additional four to leave with. Different objects have very different monetary valu...
A game that was close to greatness. A great concept, visually beautiful, with a fantastic start and solid central gameplay but, just as I was getting really excited, it let me down. All the certainty that the early puzzles had provided was undone by a finish that felt more like a lottery than a puzzle challenge.
This is a fun room with a slightly different twist to most escape rooms. We weren't a big fan of the format, but like Marmite, you'll probably love it or hate it

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