London Escaped Ltd: Vampire Slayer

By | March 20, 2019

by London Escaped Ltd (website)

101 Commercial Road, E1 1RD

East London

2-12 players

60 minutes

Seven centuries ago the members of the “White Rose”, the secret order established to protect the mankind, gave their lives in the effort to slay Dracula, the bane of humanity. They failed. Yet last of them had managed to seal the gates of Dracula’s crypt and bury the master of vampires inside those walls.
Years passed. The withered vampire was not able to escape, waiting for his descendants to bring him back to life. Today the crypt, long buried beneath the castle walls was finally found and now it’s just a matter of time for vampires to revive their lord, who only needs a single drop of blod to raise. Yes, there’s still a chance. If those, who carry the symbol of “White Rose” will finish what was started, maybe we all have a chance to survive this evil.
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Walking into the game that London Escaped bill as their hardest room, my first impression was entirely positive - a spacious room with both atmosphere and character. I mention that since pretty much all of my subsequent impressions of the game were much less favourable.
Even experienced players will sometimes just not get a puzzle, through no fault of the puzzle's design; and one of the challenges of reviewing escape rooms is judging whether a puzzle is solid whether or not it made sense to yo...

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