History Mystery: Body of Evidence

By | March 20, 2019

by History Mystery Norwich (website)

The Guildhall, Gaol Hill, NR2 1JS


2-7 players

60 minutes

Ghastly discoveries on the streets of Victorian Norwich spark a murder hunt. In the historic cell block under the Guildhall, where the gruesome evidence was collected, you’re under suspicion for the crime. Can you piece together the clues to identify the body, convict the murderer and find justice for the victim? This real-life murder case lay unsolved for 18 years – you have just one hour!
Please Note: This game takes place in real gaol cells that held real prisoners who left behind graffiti using explicit and violent language that is not for the easily offended.
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Where History Mystery's first game is situated upstairs at the Norwich Guildhall, their second is in the basement of the same building, in what used to be gaol cells right up to the 1980s. The booking confirmation warns players that the cell graffiti uses highly colourful language; perhaps we looked easily shockable, since our host apologised for this at least twice more during the briefing.
Body of Evidence is based on a real-life Victorian murder case. The briefing tells you that you're due t...
A well structured linear game set inside one of the disused jail cells under Norwich's guildhall. The puzzles were a little lacking but overall it delivers a good experience for players.
I’ve broken into a lot of bank vaults. As an escape room enthusiast, it’s just something you do. You often find yourself in a room that’s apparently a bank vault (but looks a bit like an office) and eventually puzzle your way into the money and then put a code in a door to escape. I say all this, because Heistakes is a heist themed game. It’s not a bank vault themed game (despite featuring an actual old bank vault within it). See: while I’ve broken into many vaults before, I’d never pulled off a heist until I played this game.

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