Rami Hansenne: Codex Enigmatum

By | March 20, 2019

by Rami Hansenne (website)

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Puzzle books and magazines have always had a loyal following, as shown by the puzzle sections in almost every newspaper and the various puzzle magazines seen in newsagents. The boom in escape rooms appears to have had a welcome spill-over effect in encouraging a market for puzzle books that are somewhere between an 'escape experience' and traditional puzzling. Journal 29 pioneered the format, and the latest book in this style is Codex Enigmatum. This doesn't claim to be a book version of an esca...
Auf Kickstarter gibt es derzeit eine Kampagne f├╝r ein neues R├Ątselbuch namens Codex Enigmatum. Wir durften es vorher f├╝r euch testen. Lest hier ob sich das Unterst├╝tzen der Kampagne lohnt.

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