Devon Escape: Death on Dartmoor

By | March 20, 2019

by Devon Escape (website)

Lemon Place, TQ12 2BD

Newton Abbot

2-6 players

60 minutes

Following a robbery at Professor Enright's mansion, a body is found on Dartmoor with a ransom note claiming hostages have been taken.
Ascertain who is behind the kidnapping and where the captives are being held. A hostage will be killed every hour, on the hour and the clock is ticking...
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Death on Dartmoor is a sequel to Devon Escape's first game, though it's not essential you play them in order; where in that one you were a gang of thieves, here you're on the side of law and order, solving a murder and an abduction. You have two goals, to find the criminals' location and to identify the ringleader, and three different possible endings according to how you do. One of those two goals matters more than the other, and in fact we made an error with one but still ended up with the 'be...

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