Exciting Escapes Southampton: Spies In Space

By | March 20, 2019

by Exciting Escapes Southampton (website)

100 High Street, Shirley, SO16 4FB


4-7 players

60 minutes

Its 2050, and you are hired by British Intelligence to investigate a problem on Britain’s space ship, the HMSS Shirley. The Intelligence Services believe someone is planning to sabotage the ship and you must find out who. You meet a local operative who has been requested to take you on a tour of the station. But you may have arrived too late…
Please note – this game runs a little different to our other rooms and the Gamesmaster/Host will be in the room with you for some of the game, as a key – and fun – part of the story
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Assigning ratings to escape rooms is rarely easy, and it's much harder when a game is ambitious and inventive in a way that gives it the potential to stand out, but then undermines that potential with the way it's implemented - it can mean wildly different experiences for different teams, which no single rating score can adequately capture. And it's exceedingly hard to write a review for such a game when the most important feature, the one that is its most original and divisive feature, is somet...

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